Fill your bag with the energy of these captivating local stones and take a piece of Charleston's heart with you!

These gemstones from South Carolina are found naturally and are true local treasures of nature.


    A calming stone that blocks the negative energies and it helps to remember and understand your dreams. During meditation, amethyst banishes distracting thoughts, allowing achievement of peace and profound understanding. In addition, the stone is believed to enhance the immune system, as well as purify the blood.


    Crystal Clear Quartz is a power crystal that harmonises and balances your aura; it enhances energy and thoughts and purifies your spiritual, mental, and physical energies. It is also a powerfully protective stone, bringing the purified energy into your energy field. Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra and can amplify, transform, store, focus, and transfer energy. 


    The stone enhances mental clarity, confidence, and willpower. Since the stone brings self-confidence as well as positive energy, it can also help eliminate fears. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways.


    Carnelian is a mineral that sharpens your concentration and stimulates your creativity. It is useful to overcome emotional trauma and renews your emotional energy. Carnelian heals the female productive organs and increases fertility.


    Garnet is “stone of health”, extracting negative energy from your chakras, and transmuting the energy to a beneficial state. It is a “stone of commitment” to purpose, to others, and to your self. The loving powers of garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion, bringing the love of others to the expression of warmth and understanding. Excellent grounding stone and assists in protecting.


    The stone shatters illusions, going to the root of things and highlighting the true intention behind the thoughts and actions. This stone helps to return repressed memories of the past. Companion useful during changes inspires strength and perseverance.


    The stone opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Boosts illumination, helps to interpret dreams, develop psychic abilities, facilitates spiritual journey and stimulates personal and spiritual power. Lapis support facing the truth and accept its teachings. Allow expressions of opinion and conflict resolution. It teaches you the value of active listening.


    Malachite is a “stone of transformation”, assisting you in changing situations; it clarifies emotions, which leads to spiritual evolution. Malachite helps you in the recognition and release of negative experiences. Malachite also represents fidelity in love and friendship and can be used to ease the process of birth.


    Obsidian is believed to purify a negative atmosphere and remove toxins from one’s body. It’s also believed to be an excellent stone for pain relief of arthritis, muscular aches, and spasms.

  • Rose Quartz

    Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra. When in need of Love, look no further than Rose Quartz. This gorgeous pink crystal known as the Love Stone opens the mind and the spirit to love in all forms.


Amethyst is a high-frequency crystal that purifies the aura by transforming negative energy into positive energy and returning it to the universe. South Carolina is a prominent location for finding amethysts due to the high content of crystal and iron in the soil. In ancient Greece, amethyst was used as drinking vessels. Amethyst is known as a healing crystal that helps alleviate stress.


Citrine, a stone of abundance, manifestation, imagination, and personal will, attracting success, prosperity, and all things good. Long known as the 'Merchant Stone,' it assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Citrine carries a warm revitalizing energy, stimulating your chakras, clearing your mind, and propelling you into action. This semiprecious stone is found abundantly in South Carolina.

Clear Crystal Quartz

It was called 'Krystallos,' which means ice, by the ancient Greeks. In the New Age, it is considered the 'Master Healer' and is attributed to being the most potent healing crystal of all. Clear crystal quartz is known for restoring balance to the body. It is a crystal that amplifies energy and is highly restorative. This vital mineral is prominently sourced from across the state of South Carolina.

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