You may be thinking of starting your crystal collection. Maybe because you read about Crystals somewhere. Maybe you wish to own more than just a Clear Quartz Crystal you happen to have at home. Either way, once you start collecting crystals, it can be hard to stop. And why would you? These little gorgeous power banks of energy have a way of attracting more goodness into their environment and into your life.


Crystals have recently been at the forefront of fashion and wellness trends. Many celebrities have also shared their crystal collection and explained the benefits they have experienced firsthand. The fascination with crystals dates back thousands of years. Medieval poets used crystals as a way to examine desire and the uncertainty of love. 


As a yoga and meditation-loving adult, you are prone to having a crystal collection the same way some people have a rock or seashell collection. Crystals not only give an aesthetic high, but also have their spiritual and psychological benefits. 


Crystals are formed when molten lava cools down, and minerals come together, and the result of this mixture is crystals. Crystals are believed to have a multitude of healing properties. Ancient priests used crystals to align chakras and in ancient forms of medicine. They offer a sense of relaxation to their surrounding environment too. 


Crystals emit and store different types of energy. When you hold a crystal in your hand, it will supply you with positive energy. The main point of collecting crystals is to harness their different energies for different aspects of your life. For example, one crystal could help you with heart matters, while another could help you manifest prosperity in your career. 

You can also use crystals for:

  • Relaxing during meditation: Crystals emit such a relaxing feeling. You can hold a crystal in your palm when meditating or place it on your yoga mat when doing your daily practice. You can also wear the crystal in your accessories like; bracelet, necklace, rings, or earrings when practicing yoga or meditation to help you harness that deep relaxation.
  • Good luck charm: You can carry a crystal or crystals with you all day in your bag or pocket to invite good luck your way. 
  • Crystals can charge your water with energy. It would be best if you didn't place a crystal directly in your drinking water since that may not be good for your health. But, you can place a crystal next to your glass of water and let it charge the water for up to 8 hours before drinking it. Alternatively, you can place your crystal on top of your water bottle if it has a lid and let the charging happen. The best crystals to infuse your water with magnificent benefits are those from the quartz family(clear quartz, smokey quartz, and rose quartz). Infused water has immense benefits for your body and spirit. 
  • A crystal can act as a home decor piece. Besides their immense energy, crystals are beautiful and good to look at. You can place them on your coffee table, shelves, or windowsills to brighten your house.


There are many ways to know which crystal you will be taking home and is suitable for you. You will never meet a crystal you won't love. Crystals come into our lives to help us attain certain goals or improve a certain part of our lives. If you ever lose a crystal, don't be stressed about it, it probably accomplished its purpose in your life, and it has gone on its merry way to help someone else. 

There are different ways you can select a crystal as a beginner. These include:

  1. Intuition: Let your intuition guide you when looking for a crystal. When you are at the crystal shop, choose the crystal you feel most connected to. It could be that the crystal draws your eye, or you feel a pull towards it. Once you have selected a stone (or more) of your choice, you can now look it up on the web or ask the seller, and you will be impressed by how much your intentions have aligned with that crystal. 

  2. Identify something that's lacking in your life. When you find an aspect in your life that needs improvement, set down an intention for it, then use them to manifest better things to improve those aspects of your life. For example, citrine can help you release negative feelings like fear and immensely boost your confidence. If you are having problems with matters of the heart, a rose quartz would be helpful.

  3. See if you have any physical reaction to a gemstone or crystal. When touching stones at the crystal shop, you can go without researching much about any of them. Hold each stone in your hand and whichever you feel a tag towards, take it with you home. This method may make you end up with more than two stones, but that's okay. You will find that whatever the crystal helps heal is what you most need in your life at the moment. It's like the universe always sends over the right crystal. 

  4. Experiment with stones that contain different properties. You can choose a crystal according to the chakra you want to heal or help the energies unlock. Crystals are good for opening and balancing crystals. When at the store, ask for a crystal to heal or release energy in the chakra you want to unlock energy. You will get good guidance on the best crystal to purchase. 


Starting a crystal collection as a beginner can be stressful since you don't know which ones to pick. Don't worry about that; you can pick whichever crystals you are drawn to, and it will help you manifest better things in your life. In this spiritual journey, you will find yourself with so many crystals eventually. That isn't something to be wary about. Always cleanse them and use crystals that you need at the moment in your life. Otherwise, you can let the others take a breather as they protect your home. 

Crystals only magnify your intentions and help get your manifestations to happen quicker than they normally would. So, they are not magic but rather return the energy you put into them. Belief is a great tool when it comes to using crystals. If you have no belief in the use of crystals, you may use them as decor pieces because crystals are there to help you with your intentions. If you have none, then they won't help manifest. You can get started on finding your crystal collection here.

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